Saturday, October 31, 2009


The furry person spent the day in the yard moving the leaves with this green box that roared. There were big piles of colored leaves afterward that would have been heavenly to play in.

The red haired person was doing something to the floor in the kitchen and was smearing white paste into holes in the floor, when I tried to help I got something sticky on my paw and she grabbed me and put my paw in water, how revolting!

After that, she locked Lucy and I in our room. At least we could look at the window. About dinner time, the strangest thing started happening. All of these little humans with their parents started walking through the neighborhood carrying little bags. They were in all sorts of odd clothes, and some of them even looked like cats and dogs.

Many of them came to our house and knocked on the door or pressed the doorbell. The furry person gave them treats. It was very insulting, we dress like cats everyday and we don't get those kinds of treats. Just another example of people keeping the felines down.

After about 2 hours of this, the furry person let us out. He wasn't paying attention to us, and Lucy and I saw that the door to the basement was open. We aren't allowed there, but we knew it had to be a place of wonder and mystery. We slipped down the green carpeted stairs and realized we weren't being followed. It was full of boxes and clothes and all kinds of wonderful things. There were new smells and old smells and all kinds of fun places to hide in.

Finally, Lucy got hungry and went back to our room, but not me. I was going to explore the outer reaches of the basement. An intrepid explorer, living on the edge, thats me!

Then I heard a familiar noise...

No, it couldn't be, not now! But there it was, the feathers and bell on a stick. Shaking and ringing looking like a bird hovering low. I know its not real, its just a toy, but it calls to something deep inside of me, that primal cat part of me that wants to kill prey.

In a flash I was up the stairs attacking and in my fury to kill the faux bird, I heard that horrible sound. "Click.", The door was closed and I'm in the boring kitchen again.

I feel so ashamed. I'm going to drown my sorrows in kibble now. Paradise has been lost.

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