Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Seat of Power

Sometimes, its the little battles that are the most worth fighting. A symbolic victory can set a tone for your entire sphere of influence. I have chosen the middle of the hall as my battlefield for dominance over the humans. They will have to walk around me. They've tripped a couple of times, and spoken to me harshly on occasion, but I have responded with non-violent cuteness, taking my cues from Gandhi, and I'm proud to report that they are starting to see the light and simply step around me with less and less insolent backtalk. I have not had to raise a paw or meow them into submission yet.

I hear from other cats that some humans move them out of the way or are very rude to them, or even kick them. I'm happy to say that my humans have not acted in such a manner. I'm very proud of them, they have such potential as loyal cat subjects.